“ ENTERPOSE ” the French Co . began its activities in constructing pipe lines and steel structures since the mid of the last century .

In 1972 thanks to financial and technical contribution of “ENTERPOSE ” The “ FASSAN Co . ” one of the biggest private companies was established in Iran and substituted “ENTERPOSE ” for the same activities .

In 1983 considering the development of the pipe line projects and Gas distribution network in Iran and the neccessity of establishing a fully equipped pipe coating field, Fassan Co. decided to establish “TANGUIRAN“.

At present, TANGUIRAN in close cooperation with FASSAN is highly involved in pipe coating applications and producing pipe coating materials.
TANGUIRAN has already coated thousands of kilometers of pipes ranging from 2 to 64 inches in its own plant , and supplied the coating materials for many pipe line projects.

At present “ TANGUIRAN “ is widely involved in :
- Supplying the pipe coating materials.
- Providing the pipe coating plants.
-Coating the pipes ranging from 2 to 64 inches in its own plant .