Welcome to Tanguiran, the Iranian producer of coating material for oil, gas and water steel pipes and the first and the foremost applicator of industrial coating for the pipeline. Tanguiran group also designs and manufactures industrial equipment and machinery. Tanguiran is a private company with 80,000 m² facilities including over 8000 m² of industrial buildings.


Tanguiran is an industry recognized production specialist of:


External application Services - Tanguiran provides external application services such as, coal tar enamel, bitumen enamel and polymer modified bitumen enamel systems.  
Interior Application Services - Tanguiran offers epoxy, coal tar epoxy and cement mortar lining systems.
Storage Services - Tanguiran Customers may utilize the company's facility to store their bare and coated pipe, insuring them that coated pipes are available for shipment.
Process Inspection -Customers or their 3rd party inspection firms are welcome to visit the Tanguiran facilities and inspect orders as they are processed.


Tanguiran has already coated thousands of  kilometers of pipes , ranging from 2 to 64 inches in its own plants, and supplied the coating materials for many onshore and offshore pipeline projects including Salman,Abuzar,Valentine
South Pars gas field