Three-ply Cold Tape

Tanguiran Three-ply Cold Tape consists of a high strength and flexible polyethylene carrier film coated on both sides with a special formulated plastic butyl rubber based compound co-extruded in a single process . The co-extrusion process provides a strong bonding between PE carrier film and butyl rubber adhesive which avoids delamination during peel test. Moreover, due to the nature of the intermediate layer(a blend of PE and butyl rubber),the tape cross section is characterized by a homogenous transition from PE to butyl rubber adhesive.

The self amalgamation between the adhesive layers in the over-lap area provides an excellent resistance against penetration of moisture and other corrosive elements and results in an impermeable and sleeve-type coating.

Cross sectional view of TANGUIRAN Three ply cold tape :


-  Interleaf (white)

- Co-extruded  outer layer (gray)

- PE career  layer(black )

- Co-extruded intermediate layer (gray)

- Inner adhesive layer(dark gray )





Cold Inner Wrap

Tanguiran cold inner wrap consists of a special formulated butyl rubber adhesive extruded and a stabilized black PE backing that provides a strong anti corrosion layer well bonded to the surface of the pipes preventing contact with moisture and oxygen which are major corrosive elements.It will provide a durable anti corrosion system with primer and outer-layer tape for versatile fields of application like rehabilitation of buried pipelines.






Test Method

Total Thickness,min



ASTM D 1000

Tensile Strength,min



ASTM D 1000

Elongation at Break,min



ASTM D 1000

Adhesion to primed steel,min



ASTM D 1000

Adhesion to self (at overlaps),min



ASTM D 1000

Dielectric strength,min



ASTM D 1000

Specific electrical insulation resistance Rs 100 ,min




Impact resistance at 23,min




Cathodic disbondment at 28d and  C,max




Water absorption max






Cold Outer Wrap

Tanguiran cold outer wrap consists of a stabilized white PE backing co-extruded to a butyl rubber adhesive that bonds firmly to the installed Cold inner wrap or to the Three-ply tape to form a two tape system against pipe corrosion process. It provides a high levels of mechanical and chemical protection under severe conditions.

All Tanguiran Cold wraps comply with the international and local standards such as : EN-12068, AWWA C-214 ,IGS and IPS.