TANGUIRAN cold applied , fast drying Synthetic Primer Type B is based on chlorinated rubber and may be used with both bitumen or coal-tar based enamel for the internal and external coating of steel pipelines.
TANGUIRAN Synthetic Primer confirms to the BS4147,BS4164,AWWAC203,ISO5256 Standards.



Up to 12 months in the original scaled
Containers at temperatures not exceeding
40 ◦C . In hot climatic conditions, drums
Should be stored in the shade. If this is
not possible, shallow burying is recommended.


Steel durms containing
20 litres, 215 litres

All oil and grease should be cleaned by washing or other suitable means, and shot or grit blasting is necessary. Surface preparation should be prepared in accordance with at least SA 21/2 ( Swedish Standard ) or NACE No.2. All pipe surface should be cleaned free from mill- scale, rust,moisture,grease, oil and other foreign materials.

After surface preparation, immediately the primer should be applied by roller, brush, spary or other mechanical coating method. The primer should be applied free from sags, runs, drips, holidays or base spots.

During cold weather such as pipe surface temperature is below 7◦C, pipe surface should be warmed sufficient to dry the surface prior to priming.

The steel surface temperature shall not exceed 70◦C . When exceeded the application period the pipe surface shall be additionally recoated with about 1/2 amount of initial coated primer.