POLYMER MODIFIED ENAMEL is based on Bitumen Modification technology with advanced industrial copolymers that provides outstanding applications for pipelines coating.
Using of most up-dated European made Thermoplast-Elastomers extends the range of
POLYMER MODIFIED ENAMEL application in comparison with conventional Bitumen Enamel.
POLYMER MODIFIED ENAMEL can be used as pipeline coating from -20 °c for very cold climates to
+90°c Suitable for hot liquid and gas transferring projects.

POLYMER MODIFIED ENAMEL should be applied to the pipes by using a high-tech controlled extrusion system to ensure an exact thickness and quality.With this technology a very uniform and high performance  coating  is obtained  without any  wasted  material and  the  extrusion  process  generates
inconsiderable fumes and gases in comparison with conventional coating systems.This results in reduced environmental pollution.