TANGUIRAN outer wraps are manufactured with high quality reinforced glass tissue impregnated with bitumen or plasticized coal – tar enamel ensuring the protection of tissue and facilitating the “bleed through “.
TANGUIRAN outer wraps are totally rot and moisture proof and are produced with precise degree of porosity for an effective adhesion between the outer  wrap and enamel .
TANGUIRAN outer  wrap confirms to the AWWA C-203 , BS 534 and ISO 5256 standards .

TANGUIRAN outer wrap is suitable for use in factory , line travel and hand repair for most soil conditions . The overal coating thickness can be controlled by speed of application , Enamel Temperature and
outer wrap tension . Unless specified otherwise one inner and one outer wrap is standard practice for coating up to 4 mm , above this we recommend the use of an extra inner wrap , ie. two inner wraps and one outer wrap .
TANGUIRAN outer wraps are supplied in rolls of 400 to 800 ft in length and widths of 4,9,12,18 inches supported on a strong card board of 3” .
The rolls have been placed on wooden pallets and covered with a cardboard box and water proof plastic foil .

Store rolls flat ( core vertical ) , in a cool dry , shaded area away from heat and naked flames .

The use of gloves , goggles and face masks is recommended when applying both inner and outer wrap .