TANGUIRAN Bitumen Enamel with wide range grades is used in different climate conditions and various service temperatures .
TANGUIRAN Enamel combined with Tanguiran Synthetic Primer , high quality glass fiber Inner wrap and Tanguiran outerwrap ensures a long term protection for steel pipe lines .
TANGUIRAN Enamel confirms to the BS4147,EN-10300,ISO-5256 standards .

Enamel should be broken up into small pieces and loaded into the kettle , heat should be applied slowly until a quantity of melted enamel fills the bottom of the kettel .
The quantity of Enamel remaining in the kettel from previous melting should not exceed 10% of the fresh charge .
The normal application temperature of Enamel is 220-240 ◦c . The maximum temperature in the kettle should never exceed 245◦c . Enamel above this temperature should be rejected .
Enamel held at application temperature for more than 8 hours , should be rejected if , when tested , it is out of specification.
Solubility in water – Insoluble
Flash Point – in solid form : none             in liquid form : 260 C
Fire Fighting – CO2 or Dry Powder , or Fine Water Spray .
Personal Hygiene – The use of gloves and filter type face mask is recommended in the application area . Do not smoke when using Bitumen Enamel . Do not use solvents to wash skin .
Ventilation – Must be adequate in areas of Enamel application .
Eyes – Eye protection is recommended and should be available at all times , in the event of accidental contact , wash eyes with cold water and seek medical advice .
Skin – Barrier cream should be applied to the skin before commencing work . In case of skin contact with Hot Enamel , immerse in cold water .


Steel drum : 260 kgs
Cake : 150 kg
         : 14-16 kg


There are no special requirements for
storage of solid Enamel , although storage
in shaded areas is helpful when breaking
up the Enamel .